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Welcome to LET MODEL e-shop

  -- Winglets

  -- ASH 26
  -- Ventus 2c/2cx
  -- Discus 2c
  -- DG 1000
  -- DG 600
  -- DG 800
  -- DG 808
  -- ASW 24/27/28
  -- LF 20
  -- Minimoa
  -- Reiher
  -- Habicht
  -- Taborca
  -- Flash

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Your order will be charged with 21% CZ tax.
Do you have your own EU tax number and would you like to buy parts without tax? You can buy parts in E-shop, to remark provide us your tax number. After verifying we will refund tax payment back to you. Original EU invoice will be sent together with your order.
Do you have some question? Do you want other spare part? Turn to us via e-mail :info@letmodel.cz

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